Just Add German!

Für das Goethe-Institut New York haben wir Clips produziert, um Amerikaner davon zu überzeugen Deutsch zu lernen. Diese werden im folgenden vorgestellt.


Not Just Sauerkraut

Adding German opens doors to success in college admissions and beyond! Sauerkraut was just one of Germany's early contributions to innovation, science, economy and culture.


Not Just Oktoberfest

Make new friends in class and abroad and get ready to enjoy a hearty WILLKOMMEN into this multicultural and dynamic society!


Not Just Heidelberg

Discover the fascinating events and personalities of the German-speaking world! In Heidelberg and beyond you'll learn about the amazing cultural contributions to music, art, theater, dance, and more—from the middle ages to the present day.


Not Just Germany

Distinguish yourself by learning German and you'll be the one to connect with millions of German speakers! It is one of the most important world languages in culture, sports and the economy.


Not Just Bach

Dreaming of going abroad or taking on a new language puzzle are great reasons to learn German! Germany is a great destination for adventurers, bridging the old and the new world with international influence.


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